Do you love your Fiat but what something bigger? Try the 500X.

Fiat branded their new crossover SUV as a 500 on Viagra. The new model is set to enter the lineup early this summer.

The 500X made it’s grand entrance in a world-first collaboration with Dyanmo. You can see highlights from the launch above.

Don’t let the comparison to the 500 deter you. The 500X maintains that traditional Italian style you love. But increased cargo space gives makes room for 5 people. Optional AWD means you don’t have to leave your Fiat behind. It’s ready to tackle those weekend trips.

Look out for the 500X. It will be a strong competitor in the compact SUV market. Fiat doesn’t compromise on practicality or style.

**Still curious how the Fiat 500 got ahold of that little blue pill? Watch the whole story below.


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