Two members of our marketing team took a decked-out 2017 Ford Explorer Limited out for a few days. They jumped at the chance to drive the Explorer. Especially one packed with features like massaging seats, captains chairs and all-electric second- and third-row seating.

Look and Feel of the 2017 Ford Explorer

The 2017 Ford Explorer features an eye-catching design that gives the driver plenty of comfort features and the family plenty of space. Test driver one said the Explorer has a “very powerful exterior with an elegant and classy interior.” Test Driver two agreed, “It is a great balance between rugged and luxury.  In other words it looks like a luxurious vehicle that can take on rough terrain.”

The Explorer, a full-size SUV, is a larger vehicle. Both of our test drivers currently drive mid-size (5-seater) SUVs, so there was a bit of an adjustment from behind the wheel of the 2017 Ford Explorer. Test Driver Two said, “I was surprised how easily it handled for a full-size SUV.  I was most nervous about parking it, but was pleasantly surprised by how great the turning radius was.”

Test Driver One was on the exact same page, saying, “I am not going to lie, it does feel bigger than my 5-seater SUV, but it is supposed to! At first it was a little scary since it does feel so much different then what I am used to, however I quickly adapted to its size.” After getting used to the vehicle, she said, “I was really impressed by the turn radius. With its size, I imagined it would have been more difficult to make tight turns or to turn into a parking stall.”

Comfort from behind the wheel of the 2017 Ford Explorer

From the driver’s seat, the comfort features are extensive – heated, cooled and massaging leather seats. Cooled seats and remote start became a very nice feature during a hot Nebraska week, “I feel that getting a new vehicle with cooled seats is a necessity anymore in the Omaha summer heat. The temperature of the seats go from scorching hot, when you first get in, to cold in a matter of minutes. Plus, having this feature in conjunction with using the remote start, allows the overall temperature to get a head start cooling your seat down.” And we can all imagine how amazing the heated seats combined with the remote start would be during a nice Nebraska winter.

The massaging seats are a bit of a different feel. They offer one massaging piece on the back and another on the seat. They can be turned on together or separately using the settings menu. Both drivers agreed they probably wouldn’t use them all the time, but they would be nice on long car rides or when stuck in traffic. Test Driver One said, “They were an unexpected added feature that would definitely come in handy on long road trips!” and Test Driver Two said, “They were interesting.  I could see the value in them for the passenger or for the driver when stuck in traffic.  They definitely are a “wow” feature.”

Family Space in the 2017 Ford Explorer

The Limited trim level offers quite a few luxuries. “Since the interior had every option imaginable, it only makes sense for it to be considered luxurious! Every feature it had was something that you would find in a luxury branded vehicle, only with the Explorer, you are paying a fraction of the cost.”

The features that really caught our test drivers’ eyes include the captains chairs and the electric seats included in the SUV they drove, “The all-electric second- and third-row seats are another feature that you didn’t think you needed until you experience it for yourself. It makes maneuvering the seats easy without lifting a finger. Literally. All you have to do is push the button and wallah! Nice added touch Ford!”

The Explorer is definitely built to be a family car with plenty of space for everyday life and a growing family; “I think that the option of having the flat folding third-row seat would be used every day in my world. It just makes it so much easier for hauling groceries, impromptu shopping sprees, or just because my family isn’t big enough YET to really use it all that much. This makes it great to be able to let your vehicle grow along with you and your family.”

2017 Ford Explorer Features

The 2017 Ford Explorer Limited is packed with interior features. From the massive sunroof to the sound system and an extra bonus feature one of our drivers had fun with.

Both of our test drivers loved the sunroof and how big it was. Test Driver One said, “I absolutely love the panoramic sunroof and feel like it should be standard in ALL vehicles these days. It provides so much more natural light and is an added WOW to the interior.” Test Driver Two said, “I love the look of the sunroof. In a vehicle that size, it is nice to have so you don’t feel like you’re in a cave when you’re in the back seat.”

Test Driver One also fell in love with the audio system. “I would have to say that the sound system is one of my favorite features in the Explorer. I love my music and being able to feel like you are surrounded by it feels amazing.”

Within the extensive settings menu on the SYNC® 3 system, Test Driver Two found out that you can truly customize this vehicle to fit yourself. One of the settings included multiple color options for ambient lighting, “I also enjoyed the ambient lighting color adjustment.  It took me back to high school and early college when I installed my car CD player with the removable faceplate.  I thought I was so cool adjusting the color of the display.  So being able to select the color of the ambient lighting was a nice nod to my younger days.”

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