Finding the right vehicle is difficult enough, especially with the number of available vehicle manufacturers out there. Once you add in all the models you can pick from, it all can look pretty daunting. Especially since some of the models end up looking fairly similar. Two Baxter Marketing Team members tested out a 2017 Toyota Camry XLE and a 2017 Toyota Corolla SE for a few days. The 2017 Camry vs Corolla test drive puts two Toyota sedans next to one another.

In the Camry vs Corolla is a comparison between a compact sedan and a midsize sedan. Our two drivers focused on features, comfort and driving impressions.

Camry vs Corolla

Camry vs Corolla: Features

Camry vs Corolla

Both the Camry and the Corolla offer quite a few tech features. The whole infotainment system is intuitive and incredibly easy to use in either vehicle. As one of our drivers put it, “All the apps and features available make it so much easier to keep your eyes on the road while listening to exactly what you want or getting to your destination without getting lost.” Our other marketing driver said, “it’s great to import your texts and contact lists while keeping the safety features of not being able to read or use those features while in motion.” That allows the driver to stay connected and safe at the same time.

The safety features are where the Corolla really shines. With Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) standard in all models, it makes it that much easier to drive; especially during longer drives and commutes. One of our drivers has about a half hour commute each way and she said, “Because of my commute, I personally love the lane departure system. When you’re in traffic and other people are weaving in and out or not paying attention, it’s just a huge help.”

The TSS-P system includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist, automatic high beams and radar cruise control. Your car is almost able to drive for you. Plus, the pre-collision system is smart enough to recognize a box in the road vs a person, so as not to randomly slam on your brakes for a piece of trash blowing across the road.

Winner: Corolla

Camry vs Corolla: Comfort

Camry vs Corolla
2017 Toyota Camry Interior
Camry vs Corolla
2017 Toyota Corolla Interior

In a matchup of Camry vs Corolla in the comfort arena, the Camry won. It offers more leg room and shoulder room for passengers, plus the leather seats were more comfortable than the Corolla’s cloth ones. Since the Camry is the midsize sedan within the Toyota lineup, it offers a little bit more space than the Corolla. It gives the driver, front seat passenger and back seat passengers each more space. Both marketing drivers agreed that the Camry was a more comfortable and more luxurious ride.

Winner: Camry

Camry vs Corolla: Driving Impressions

Our two marketing drivers each liked how a different car drove more, so in this section, the Camry vs Corolla comparison is a standoff. One of the drivers absolutely loved how the Corolla felt from behind the wheel, especially in sport mode. “It offered a little more thrill, especially when paired with the paddle shifters.”

Our second marketing driver owns a Camry that’s a few years old. She said getting behind the the wheel of the 2017 Camry felt like, “This is my old friend; and that friend has gotten so much better with age.” All of the updates and additions made driving the Camry that much more fun.

Winner: Tie

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