I like to consider Volkswagen an under the radar brand, at least for me. I never knew anyone who drove a VW until about two years ago, so to me, it was a completely new experience to get behind the wheel of one. There was something electrifying about driving a vehicle that has a history of powerful German engineering. I mean, the Germans make the best cars in the world, right? The answer to that probably depends on who you talk to. Either way, I enjoyed my time testing out the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan S with 4MOTION so much I actually bought one. Maybe there is something to this whole German engineering thing.

First of all, the 2017 Tiguan is already super cool because the name is a portmanteau. VW has said that the name comes from a combination of the German words for tiger and iguana. I mean, how many people can tell their friends and family that, number one, their vehicle’s name is officially a portmanteau and, number two, it’s a combination of two pretty fierce wild creatures? Not a lot, so it wasn’t surprising to find out just how great the Tiguan actually is.


Video courtesy of Volkswagen

The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan had everything I could have asked for technology-wise. My absolute favorite feature, that I will now never be able to live without, is the keyless entry and start. I no longer have to spend 10 minutes searching through my purse for keys. As long as they’re near the vehicle all I have to do is slip my hand behind the door handle and the vehicle automatically unlocks. And because it’s also has push button start, I truly never have to take me keys out of my purse. When leaving the vehicle, I simply place my finger on the outside of the door handle on the concave marker. I’m in, out and on the go so much faster than ever before.

Aside from Bluetooth®, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, rearview camera system and VW Car-Net® Security & Service, the Tiguan also features Apple CarPlay (or Android Auto if you don’t have iOS). I love controlling my phone without ever touching it while I’m driving. I can play music, make phone calls and have text messages read to me and even give Siri responses through voice control.

The last thing I have to mention about technology on the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan is the windshield wipers. They’re rain-sensing. If ever you’re caught in a storm, turn on your windshield wipers and the blades will automatically sense how fast or slow they need to go. And don’t forget the rear windshield wiper and defroster. The side mirrors also have defrost, so you can officially say goodbye to scraping.


Video courtesy of Volkswagen

Leatherette comes standard in the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan, so if you’ve been dreaming of it but it’s always been a trim level away, it’s now within reach. Not to mention the heated front seats or how comfortable the driver’s seat is. It has great adjustable lumbar support, which is crucial for me because I spend at least two hours in the car every day.

The backseat is its own complete world. Fill it with up to three people or split the sliding rear seats (plus, they slide to easily give more space for your trunk) with adjustable seat backs into one of three combinations. Family road trips will never be the same with these features.


What enticed me the most to actually purchase the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan was the 4MOTION all-wheel drive. Like I mentioned above, I have a total commute every day of two hours, so having the flexibility to drive in not-ideal weather is important.

I’m not a “car person” so I don’t typically notice small details, but I could definitely feel the 2.0-liter turbo engine with 200-hp. The best way I can describe it is: it just goes. You can truly feel the power from behind the wheel. With my old car, which was not a VW, I felt like I had to floor the gas to get it up to speed when merging on the interstate. Those days are gone with the Tiguan.

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