Keep your car clean, organized and looking brand new with a few of these super simple DIY car organization hacks. Between driving to and from work and driving around town, we all spend a lot of time in our cars. Make your second home as comfortable as possible. Use a few of these tips – or all of them – to keep your car spotless inside.

1. Change Holder

DIY car organization hacks

Finding change around the car when I have to park at a meter is always an adventure. Check out this life hack to convert a gum container into an easy DIY change holder. With this car organization hack, finding change to feed the meter is easier than ever.

You can decorate the container with washi tape or paint to make it your own. But this one is as simple as chewing all the gum, and filling it with your change!

2. Trash Bag Holder

DIY car organization hacks

Keeping my car clean is sometimes harder to do than I would like – until you add this to your car organization hacks list. Keeping trash bags in the car helps a lot, but a pile of trash or grocery bags is a fairly unsightly thing to keep in the car. Storing them in an empty Kleenex box makes it easy to grab one bag when you need it. Plus, you can pick the design you want or easily decorate the box to fit your tastes.

3. Cup Holder Hack

DIY car organization hacks

Drinks spill, food gets stuck at the edges – cup holders can get pretty gross sometimes. How about an easy way to keep them clean and simple to clean them out? Use a jumbo-sized silicone cupcake liner. Just place the liner at the bottom and put your drinks, food, whatever you keep in the cup holder on top. When something spills, all you have to do is wash the liner and you’re good to go.

4. DIY Car Trash Can

DIY car organization hacks

Make an easy DIY trash can for your car. Grab a cereal container from the dollar store and all you have to do is grab one of those bags out of the nifty bag holder you made back in number 2 on this car organization hacks list. Place that bag inside the container and use the lid to keep it in place. You’ll get a nice opening in the top to make it easy to throw stuff away, or keep it all contained.

DIY car organization hacks

5. DIY Phone Dash Mount

If you don’t have navigation in your car, using your phone can be a pain. Where do you put it so you can see the road and the directions? How about making your own DIY dash mount for your phone. All you’ll need is a rubber band. Loop the rubber band through a few of the air conditioning vents on your dash then slide your phone through the top and bottom loops. It’ll hold you phone up so you’ll easily be able to see the directions you need. The DIY pros at The Heathered Nest made the video above to show just how easy this hack is.

6. Fabric Softener

DIY car organization hacks

A box of fabric softener has more uses than just for your laundry. Set an open box somewhere in your car as an air freshener. One of the great things about fabric softener sheets is that there are a bunch of options to pick from and they all small fresh or floral.

Fabric softener sheets are also a good bug repellant. If you plan on taking your car on a camping trip, having a box around is great. Just pull a couple sheets out and stuff them along zippers or in the corners of your tent to help repel bugs.

7. DIY First Aid Kit

DIY car organization hacks

This may not seem like it should be on a list of car organization hacks, but think of how many times you or your kids have gotten hurt in the car or while out and about. Having a first aid kit will make sure your car stays clean and organized, no matter what.

You could grab a first aid kit from most convenience stores, or you can make your own. Find a cute bag or container (we decorated ours) and fill it with first aid necessities. Throw in bandaids, gauze, scissors, gloves, antibiotic ointment, tweezers and a thermometer to name a few. The Red Cross has a more extensive list of what to include in your first aid kit.

8. Food Storage Container

DIY car organization hacks

Pick up a storage container at a dollar store or craft store. We used a craft storage container that has a bunch of little squares for beads or string. Instead of filling these containers with craft supplies, fill them with food. Every couple squares can be a different snack or pieces to a snack. That way the kids can get to their own snacks without ever having too much of one kind. It’s a great way to keep little ones happy during a longer road trip and easy to clean after!

9. Windex Wipes

DIY car organization hacks

The last on our list of car organization hacks on our list is simple: just keep a package of Windex Wipes in your car. That way, when you park under a tree you can just grab one wipe out of the package and clean your window before heading on your way. Simple and easy.

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