SUVs are the most popular vehicle type in the US, and there are many options to choose from if you’re thinking about getting one. Two of Baxter’s marketing team members took the opportunity to get behind the wheel of two of Audi’s SUVs: Q5 vs Q7. They were able to compare the 7-seater to the 5-seater SUV as well as offering a couple lifestyle perspectives. Driver 1 has two kids and was looking with his family of four in mind. Driver 2 loves the SUV market and was looking with the mindset of a couple remodeling their first home.

Size comparison between the 2017 Audi Q5 (teal) and the 2017 Audi Q7 (black)

Driving Impressions: Q5 vs Q7

Both drivers really enjoyed driving both cars, but for slightly different reasons. They agreed that the 2017 Audi Q5, while still a fairly large vehicle, felt sportier and more agile from behind the wheel. But, both of our drivers preferred the extra height and comfort the 2017 Audi Q7 offered.

The size difference did play a part in how our drivers felt behind the wheel. But, as Driver 1 put it, “The difference is definitely noticeable from the driver’s perspective as far as control and maneuverability. But, the Q7 felt very quiet, spacious and luxurious.”

Q5 vs Q7

Space: Q5 vs Q7

Both of our drivers felt the Q5 offers enough space for a family of 4, while the Q7 offers enough space for a larger family. Plus, driver 2 got some extra use out of the space a 7-seater-SUV offers, “the Q7 was nice for transporting all of our home remodeling materials. Fun fact: it can fit a 10 ft copper pipe.”

The Q7 offers an extra row, compared to the Q5. That brings it up to 199.6 inches long and offers 14.8 cu. ft. of space behind the third row. If you fold that down, using the handy button in the back, you’re looking at 37.5 cu. ft. of space behind the second row.

The Q5 is obviously a little smaller at 183.0 inches long. You also get 29.1 cu. ft. of space behind the second row.

Q5 vs Q7
View from the backseat of the Q5
Q5 vs Q7
View from the 3rd row of the Q7

Features: Q5 vs Q7

This category is a little hard to compare the Audi Q5 vs Q7. The Q5 was a Premium trim level while the Q7 was a Premium Plus; offering more bells and whistles. Most of the features our drivers loved in the Q7 are available in a higher trim level of the Q5. Driver 1’s kids loved the panoramic sunroof.

The rain sensing wipers on both vehicles were also a big hit, “Since the week we drove these vehicles were dreary and rainy, the rain-sensing wipers and all-weather mats were of great help.”

Driver 2 and her husband loved the backup camera and aerial view camera, “It was nice to see if you parked between the lines.”

Q5 v Q7
Panoramic Sunroof shown on a 2018 Audi Q5
Front-and Back-view cameras with Aerial View Camera in 2017 Audi Q7

Final Thoughts Q5 vs Q7

Driver 1 liked the fit and finish of the Audi Q7. He said, “It’s literally like sitting in a cockpit. It is the nicest vehicle I’ve driven, by far.”

Driver 2 went into this test drive wanting to purchase an Audi Q7 and after a few days with each, said, “Because the Q7 had such amazing features, it was much more fun to test drive.  However, I did like the ease of driving with the Q5. If it was the Premium Plus trim, it may have swayed me from the dream.”

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