Looking for a car to help you save at the pump?

Hybrid. All-electric. Luxurious. Economical. There’s a high MPG car for every personality.

Ranging from compact sedans to larger hatchbacks, Kelley Blue Book ranked the most fuel efficient cars of 2015 with over 40 MPG. Here are our Top Ten best gas mileage vehicles from their list.

2015 Prius

2015 Toyota Prius

The original Prius that changed the way we looked at hybrids. Get an amazing 51 MPG around the city.

City/hwy/combined MPG: 51/48/50

2015 Lexus ES 300h

2015 Lexus ES 300h

This best-selling sedan from Lexus delivers 40 MPG. A comfortable cabin ensures you drive in style.

City/hwy/combined MPG: 40/39/40

2015 Prius PHV

2015 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The most efficient Prius model with an impressive total range of 540 miles.

First 11 miles: 95 MPGecombined
Next 529 miles: 50 MPG combined

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

An attractive midsize sedan. The hybrid model gets 44 MPG around town. Available upgrades turn this Ford into a luxurious car.

City/hwy/combined MPG: 44/41/42

2015 Jetta Hybrid

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

European handling. Turbo-charged. With 42 MPG, it’s the most fuel-efficient car from Volkswagen.

City/hwy/combined MPG: 42/48/45

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

The same great reliable and roomy Accord. But get 50 MPG in the city.

City/hwy/combined MPG: 50/45/47

2015 Prius C

2015 Toyota Prius C

The youthful style of the Prius C keeps you young at heart. But there’s no compromise with 53 city MPG.

City/hwy/combined MPG: 53/46/50

2015 Ford Fusion Energi

2015 Ford Fusion Energi

The Fusion Energi gives you the traditional sedan with the benefits of a plug-in hybrid.

First 19 miles: 88 MPGe combined
Next 531 miles: 38 MPG combined

2015 VW egolf

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

The same sharp look of a Golf with improved hybrid efficiency.

City/hwy/combined MPGe: 126/105/116
Range: 83 miles

Fiat 500e

2015 Fiat 500e

An electric Fiat with the same recognizable exterior and an electric range of 87 miles.

City/hwy/combined MPGe: 122/108/116
Range: 87 miles

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