Best of Omaha voting opened July 1st.

The contest has been a chance for Omaha’s residents to vote for the best local businesses since 1992, started by Omaha Magazine. Readers could vote by faxing or mailing in paper ballots. Before that, the magazine started the contest in the mid-’80’s with staff votes deciding the best.

As the contest gained popularity and more Omaha residents continued casting their votes, the number of categories expanded. Today, there are 176 Best of Omaha categories. There are usually around 425 thousand votes from 20 thousand people. The most popular categories are Grocery Store, Mexican Dining, Pizza, Bank and Italian Dining. The Best of Omaha winners are announced in Omaha Magazine’s January/February issue.

This year, voting started July 1 and will be open until August 31. You can vote once per email address and have to vote in at least 15 categories. Plus, there’s extra incentives to vote. Every category you vote in gives you an entry to win one of three Apple Watches. You also get a proof of voting certificate that you can use for discounts all over the Omaha area.

Vote for Baxter today to take advantage of these great opportunities.

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