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Sedan -  An enclosed automobile for four or more people, having two or four doors.
Shock Absorber -  They use hydraulic pumps to reduce the bounce of your vehicle caused by the suspension.
Short Circuit -  An electrical circuit ending short of its total path because of a wiring fault (e.g. loose wire) or a defective wire.
Starter -  An electrical motor that causes the engine's crankshaft to begin turning, which starts the engine running.
Stick Shift -  Slang for a car with a manual transmission, a "stick shift" is also a gearshift located on the floor between the front seats.
Stock Number -  The stock number is a way for the dealer to inventory vehicles.
Struts -  Struts absorb the shock of the road, which allow passengers to ride in a car without constant and uncomfortable motion.
Suspension -  Makes driving smooth by keeping the frame and body stable when the wheels drive over rough roads.
SUV -  Sports Utility Vehicle