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Tachometer -  An instrument measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk.
Tailpipe -  A pipe that carries the gases or steam out of an engine, also known as an exhaust pipe.
TDI -  Turbocharged Direct Injection
Tire Rotation -  Extend the life of your tires by moving the tires from one position to the other.
Torque -  The greater the torque figure, the faster the acceleration. Where horsepower determines how fast a vehicle can travel, torque at the wheels determines how quickly that speed can be reached.
Trade-In Value -  What a dealer will pay for your old vehicle, usually put down against the cost of a purchasing a new vehicle.
Transmission -  Transmits power from an engine to the wheels of a vehicle.
Turbocharged -  An add-on part that uses recycled exhaust gases to increase power.