Many vehicles today don’t come with a spare tire, anymore. If you purchase a vehicle without that spare tire, you’ll have a small tire repair kit in its place.

So, why have many brands taken that spare tire out of the trunk? There are a couple reasons your vehicle wouldn’t have one. Fuel efficiency and weight are both pieces of that puzzle. Tires are heavy and they take up a lot of space in a vehicle’s trunk. They can add extra weight to a car that can cause lower fuel efficiency.

The other option is to have a smaller tire, or donut, in place of a full-size tire. But, those can mess with the technology in your car. Many newer cars, trucks and SUVs have sensors in place to keep track of tire pressure, etc. Placing a smaller tire in place of a larger tire can affect those sensors. That’s why many manufacturers are switching to tire repair kits in place of bulky spare tires.

How to Use the Tire Repair Kit

Using the spare tire kit is pretty simple and they tend to be fairly similar between different vehicle manufacturers. One of the service specialists at Baxter Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram walked through how to use the specific model included with their brands. The kit has a cigarette lighter plug with a long enough cord that it can easily reach into your vehicle. Once you’ve plugged the kit in, you can run the powder through the tire. That powder can plug up small holes in a tire so you can get where you need to go in order to get your flat tire repaired. That powder pumps through the clear hose in this tire repair kit. Once you’ve done that, switch to the black hose and turn the dial to the inflating setting. You’ll want to inflate the tire to the PSI recommended for your vehicle. You can find that number on the yellow tag inside the door.

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