It’s easy to see why Ford named this truck Raptor, sharing the fierce and nimble capabilities of its dinosaur counterpart.

Ford uses countless words to describe this new lineup in the F150 series. Leaner. Meaner. Beast. Rage. Raptor. And none of them fall short.

Meet the new two-door SuperCab and four-door Super Crew. With the aluminum body and steel frame introduced in the 2016 F150, this truck is 500 pounds lighter than before. But don’t worry, the lighter body doesn’t compromise on the space or strength Ford trucks are known for.

All Raptors come with a second-gen 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 engine, expected to produce 450 hp. As for speed, the Chevrolet Camaro shares it’s 10-speed automatic transmission with the Camaro.

Ford engineered the Raptor as an on- and off-road truck, designed with a mode for either and All-Terrain tires specifically crafted to fit. Ford promises that with these tires, the truck will handle snow like dirt.

So what does pricing start at for this beast? The two-door Raptor SuperCab starts at $ 48,325 and the four-door Super Crew at $ 51,310 It’s set to arrive sometime this fall.


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