Ford has been making cars for since June 16, 1903 – that’s 113 years! The Ford truck and car has changed a lot since the first one was introduced on the market – from the one model available to the now dozens of models, trim levels and features to choose from.

Watch the video below to see how much the Ford truck has changed since the beginning.

The History of the Ford Truck

The first trucks didn’t come onto the scene until the Model TT in 1917. This version of the truck was based on the Model T, but with a heavier frame so it could carry more. It was built without the bed included, so most owners would make their own.

In 1927 Ford introduced the Model A, which came in a variety of different styles, from coupe and convertible to truck and commercial. The Model A was the first car to have a standard set of controls across all models. It was also the first car to have safety glass in the windshield. These vehicles were in production until 1931.

1948 saw the introduction of the F-Series Ford truck – a name that is still used today. They were originally the F-1 through F-9 trucks, sold in eight different weight ratings.

In 1953 the Ford truck received a major redesign, right down to the naming system. The F-1 became the F-100, the F-2 and F-3 were combined into the F-250, the F-4 became the F-350 and everything above (F-5 through F-9) became the C-Series trucks.

1965 saw another big redesign and the F-150 finally hit the market. Ford noticed a lot more people were buying trucks for personal use instead of just for work. The F-150 was redesigned with more convenience, comfort and features for everyday life. The larger Ford trucks in the F-Series became more tailored for work.

Since then, each new rendition of the Ford truck has been redesigned to modernize the look and feel. The Ford truck is now in its 13th generation of the F-Series truck.

Ford Truck
Ford Truck

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