The holidays are coming up quickly – and that means gift-giving. Check out some great gift ideas to give the car-lover in your family or friend circle.

1. Seat Covers

If your car-loving friend has cloth seats, but wants leather, there’s a easy fix. Instead of having the entire car reupholstered, you can pick up some seat covers to spruce things up. There are cover options in just about any price range and for just about any vehicle.

Car-Lover gifts

2. Steering Wheel Cover

Car-lovers can drive a lot. And with driving a lot comes wear and tear on the interior of the car. The steering wheel can get a lot of use and that means scrapes, bumps and tears. If that’s happened to your car-lover friend or family member, pick up a new steering wheel cover for them this holiday season. There are tons of designs and materials to pick from, so this can be a great option.

3. Seat Warmers

Seat warmers are one of my favorite things, but the car I ended up with doesn’t have them. There are two awesome present ideas here. You can grab a gift card for your friend to put toward having seat warmers installed as an after-market add-on. Or, you can pick up an external seat warmer. These usually plug into your car’s 12-volt plug. Just make sure your family or friend remembers to turn the seat warmer off when they get out of the car.

Car-Lover gifts

4. Phone Holder

This is a great gift for a car-lover or just a car-driver. Pick up a dash-mounted or an air-vent mounted holder for a phone. Newer cars have a lot of phone connectivity options, but sometimes you still need to grab your phone or want it someplace easy to see for navigation. Having a designated place for your phone can be pretty helpful as you’re driving along.

5. Encyclopedia of Classic Cars

If your car-lover is into more than driving their own cars around, an Encyclopedia of Cars, Classic Cars, American Cars, or any number of other book options are available. These books all make great coffee table pieces and conversation starters. Plus, they’re full of really interesting information, especially for a car-lover.

Car-Lover gifts

6. Kick Mats

Kick mats are a great present for anyone with little ones. They cover the back of the front seats so you don’t end up with scuff-marks when your kids inevitably start kicking the back of your seat. These are a great option to keep your car in the best shape, no matter what your little minions learn to do.

7. No Blind-Spot Mirror

The no blind-spot mirror clips on over your existing rearview mirror. There are plenty of different brands and options available for any driver. But, the basic idea of this mirror is that it gives the driver one complete view without distortion to give a full rear traffic view. A little extra peace of mind.

8. Lighting Kit

Your car fanatic friend or family member can add LED lights to the inside of their car. A lighting kit can be a pretty cool way to add illumination under the dashboard, and under seats. It’s a great way to add multiple colors or just one to the interior of your car. There are a lot of options out there, so just be sure to do a little research before you buy one.

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