Technology has come a long way over the years. The automobile and features included have also been part of those advancements. From the first vehicle to all of the features available in vehicles today, check out the history of vehicle advancements.

history of vehicle advancements

The History of Vehicle Advancements

The history of vehicle advancements has covered a lot of ground. Features that are completely standard in the most basic cars, trucks and SUVs were once new, crazy ideas and the most lavish luxuries. The history goes from the first gas-powered engine to the first LED headlights – and everything in between.

Throughout the history of vehicle advancements, the technology alone has come a long way. The first electric starters were introduced in 1911. That took vehicles from a crank-starter to a much more efficient system.

If you jump forward to 1925, the first big convenience features included in a car is the cigarette lighter. The next decade saw the radio and air conditioning added in 1930 and 1939, respectively. From there, the modern amenities we expect in vehicles today have been introduced over the years. From seat belts (1955) and air bags (1970) to ABS (1978), All-Wheel drive (1980) and Bluetooth (1999).

The available technologies and advancements in vehicles will continue to grow. This timeline will always be expanding. While most of the recent vehicle advancements are smaller than they have been historically, many of them make driving more convenient. Especially as the race for autonomous vehicles continues to grow. How many years before we see Jetsons-style flying cars?

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