It’s an exciting year for Scion. Two new models joined their 2016 lineup: the iA sedan and iM hatchback.

The iA made it’s debut at the New York Auto show, a sedan similar to the Hyundai Accent and Ford Fiesta. The new iM model debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show, designed for hatchback consumers.

Scion now has two strong 2016 models on the market. So at Baxter, we think it’s time to shine a little light on the Scion brand.

2016 Scion iA sedan

The 2016 iA is the perfect small sedan from Scion. And with an astounding 41 Hwy MPG, it’s the perfect road trip vehicle. The iA closely resembles the look of the Mazda 2.

It might be a compact sedan, but the interior doesn’t feel cramped. The smooth dash, complete with 7-inch LCD touchscreen, gives a spacious feeling.

The final selling point? The iA comes with safety features like the rear view camera and low-speed collision-mitigation system. So, ensure that you and your passengers get to wherever you’re going safely.


2016 Scion iM hatchback

Get the best features of an SUV mixed with the affordability and reliability of a sedan.

The size of the iM hatchback means better fuel economy than larger vehicles. But you aren’t compromising on space. Fold down the second row of seats to get a surprising amount of cargo space. Plenty of room for everything, including the beloved family pet.

Don’t let the label of hatchback make you think you’re not getting the best technology. The iM comes equipped with a six-speaker sound system, 7-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity.


These two new models are strong contenders in the market. Don’t let the Scion name deter you. Which model are you most excited for? The iM or the iA?

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