Classy. Compact. The Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Called “the C-class on stilts” by “Car and driver,” the GLC is closely related to the smaller C-class sedans. The GLC shares a similar platform, parts and turbocharged engine.

This midsize SUV enters the market next month.

Mercedes GLC

Say goodbye to the GLK. The GLC is set to replace their older GLK model. With less demand for larger SUVS, most brands are entering the crossover and midsize SUV market. Consumers want something with space, but great fuel economy and a sleek exterior.

Mercedes-Benz released the GLA last year, their crossover SUV. The GLC will be larger, comparable to most competitive midsize SUVs.

This decision to model the C-class sedan gives consumers an SUV with the handling power of a sedan.

  • The GLC is the first SUV to have the Mercedes-Benz Air Body Control suspension. This adjusts ride height and stiffness depending on what terrain you’re driving on. On the road, experience safety, versatility, and reliability.
  • The optional Dynamic Select changes the way you drive. From Eco to Comfort mode, pick the driving style that fits your mood. Or switch on sport mode if you’re running late for work. (Just don’t blame us.)
  • With ECO mode, the fuel economy question follows. With a lighter frame from it’s GLK counterpart, Mercedes improved their fuel economy with the GLC, getting 27-34 Hwy MPG.

Mercedes-Benz promises both plug-in hybrid and diesel options later in 2016.

Sleek Exterior

Aerodynamic. Confident. High Performance LED headlights. Sleek taillights.

To design the GLC, Mercedes0-Benz gave the GLK a complete overhaul. The outcome was a sportier design that commands the road.

Mercedes GLC
Mercedes GLC

State-of-the-art Technology

The 7-inch screen comes with a reverse camera and optional 360-degree view. Control the display with a dial and touchpad, located on the center console.

Keyless engine ignition allows you to get in and out of the car with ease.

Panoramic Sunroof

The Mercedes-Benz GLC takes the idea of a sunroof one step further with a panoramic sunroof.

The entire top of the car is one pane of glass that slides back, opening up the roof for all 5 passengers. Perfect for a night of stargazing.

Do you know the difference between a moonroof and panoramic sunroof? Read more here.

Mercedes GLC
Mercedes GLC

Updated Interior

Couple the spacious and elegant interior with the sleek interior. The redesign for the GLC lives up the Mercedes’ promise of style.

The one-piece dash elegantly flows down into the armrest area, creating a luxurious look to the interior. For an added design, there’s an optional Linden wood trim update.

Mercedes-Benz is set to release the new GLC later this November, just in time for the holidays! Add-on the all-wheel drive package and test out the GLC’s traction on snow and ice.

There’s just one question left. What color do you want?

Mercedes GLC

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