Google did a review of the top twenty Super Bowl commercials from 2008 to 2016. The ads were ranked by the number of YouTube views in January and February the year they aired. And the study found that over the last nine years, those 20 commercials have driven more than 440 million minutes of viewing. That’s like watching the Super Bowl more than 1.8 million times. Clearly some Super Bowl commercials have had a lasting impression.

While watching Super Bowl LI, we picked out some of the commercials we thought were the best. We picked quite a few car commercials. But, we work around cars all day, you can’t blame us for getting excited about them. We threw in a few curveballs, as well. Check out what topped our list.

Of course our absolute favorite is a little biased. We loved Baxter’s locally-aired commercial which played right before halftime of Super Bowl LI.

But, on a national level, we thought the following 12 commercials would make a lasting impact. These are the ones we wanted to rewatch after the Big Game ended.

12. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has been playing the same Super Bowl Commercial since 2014, but there’s still something about it. Every year it plays as the first spot right after the National Anthem. This year, Luke Bryant sang it.

11. Lexus

Lexus debuted these dancing commercials a few months ago. They’re gorgeous. All it takes is a Lexus and an amazing dancer, like Lil Buck. There’s a whole series of these dancing commercials. 

10. Bud Light

This is a blast from the past, with Spuds MacKenzie from the 80s Bud Light Commercials making a reappearance as a ghost. He’s pulling in some humor while conveying a more important message about enjoying your time with friends.

9. Busch

Busch takes simple to a new level with this one. One guy, standing in a stream, opening a beer. Throw in a few animals in the wilderness and you’ve got the whole commercial. Plus, it was funny. The sound of cracking open a beer is an iconic one, so why not play it up a bit.

8. Ford

A positive message and another amusing delivery. Ford tells you to ‘Go Further’ while pointing out all of the features and tech in their cars, trucks and SUVs that can help carry you.

7. Febreze

This commercial hits a little too close to home. But it calls out something we’ve all experienced, especially while watching a Super Bowl game. Not missing an important moment of the game is difficult, plus, add in the delicious, unhealthy food that goes hand in hand with the game. We’ve all been there.

6. Mr. Clean

This Super Bowl LI commercial had us rolling in our seats. It pulled a huge laugh from everyone. The most attractive man is one who’s cleaning, right?

5. Audi

Audi asks some tough questions in this commercial. Tugging at a parent’s heartstrings with everything a parent could wonder about the future for their daughter.

4. Amazon Alexa

Short, simple and to the point. This daddy, daughter moment is just too cute not to watch again. Plus, it’s a commercial about football, during a football game. How meta.

3. Mercedes-Benz

The Roadster fits in with the motorcycles at the bar, right? We all enjoyed a good laugh with this commercial. The AMG Roadster, built to be wild.

2. Bai

Recipe for success: Christopher Walken reading lyrics to an N*Sync Song. Add in Justin Timberlake sitting next to him and it’s golden. Timberlake doesn’t even need to say a word. This was a great blast from the past.

1. Honda CR-V

The yearbook commercial! Looking at celebrities when they’re younger is always fun, but having their yearbook pictures talk to us – even better. This commercial had a great message about chasing your dreams, but also delivered it in a very amusing way.

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