October has quickly become the favorite month of the year for the majority of the population. There’s seasonal coffee, cozy home décor and, of course, the endless list of pumpkin patches and haunted houses you’re children beg you to take them to. If you’re a little overwhelmed by all the choices, don’t sweat it, we’ve got some the best haunted houses and pumpkin patches in the metro area mapped out below for a last minute weekend outing. We’ve chosen a couple of our local picks and broken them down so you’ll know the ins and outs before you even get there.

pumpkin patches

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

Of course your kids can’t go to pumpkin patches without inviting every single kid in the neighborhood, so if you’re in need of third row seating, just pile into a new Dodge Durango and all your problems will be solved.

Upon arrival to Vala’s you’ll notice it has plenty of food options, so don’t worry if the kids haven’t eaten yet. There are plenty of sweet and savory options available like caramel apples and Frito pies.

After you hit up all the food stands and the Country Bakery, you can choose from endless activities. At the top of our list for the younger kids is the Big Slide Ride, Sandbox Tractor Play and a picture in the Giant Rocking Chair. For the older kids you have to hit up Pumpkinapolis 500 Carts, the Obstacle Course and the Haunted farmhouse.

Of course, those are only a few of the many, many things you can do at Vala’s, but those will get you off to a great start.

Haunted Hollow

To get to some of these haunted houses you may be wandering off the beaten path, so four wheel drive is a must. We’re confident the 2017 Ford Explorer can get you there and back safely. After all, who wants to get stuck at night near a haunted house? Definitely not us.

Haunted houses have stepped up their game in recent years. You no longer just show up and walk through one building. Places like Haunted Hollow act as big, scary theme parks with endless activities. And endless activities means the kids will be having fun for hours, so you’ll get more bang for your entry-fee buck.

A few of the spooky activities everyone can take part in include nightly movies under the stars and a bonfire hang out. Plus, don’t miss out on the free temporary tattoos, tarot card readings or the maze. For more of the scarier action you’ll want to head toward the Nebraska Chainsaw Massacre, Mike Myers House and the Three Story Haunted House.

Whatever you do this fall, and whatever vehicle your family squeezes into, always remember: it’s the memories made that count the most.

pumpkin patches
Image via Haunted Hollow

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