Summer’s almost over. Time to fit in those last-minute road trips. And Baxter has the top 5 tips to make sure your car is roadworthy.

1. Fluids. Are you behind on your oil change? Change it and don’t forget to top off your other liquids.

2. Tires. Reduce your chances of a flat tire and check the pressure of each tire. There’s nothing worse than spending your vacation camped out on the highway.

3. Brakes. While a road trip is all about going, it’s important to slow down too.

4. Alert. Share driving duties with other people in the car. If you’re not alert enough to be behind the wheel, never be afraid to pull over for a power nap.

5. Emergency kit. It never hurts to prepare for the worst. Always have the necessities, like jumper cables, a firstaid kit, cell phone, a roadside emergency card and blankets. If you need more ideas for packing your own kit, the DMV complied a great list.

Don’t forget to have fun! There’s just one thing left to decide. Where should you go?

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