Dealerships aren’t only there for you when you want to buy a new car. Check out five reasons taking your car in for service at a dealership will make your life that much easier.


1. Vehicle History

Taking your car to the same place means you’ll start to build up a service record. The technician should be able to see everything the dealership has done on your car and that means you don’t have to remember all of that. Having that kind of information readily available is helpful for the technicians and is likely to help save you money in the long run.

They’ll also be able to look up manufacturer recalls and record those fixes as they’re done.

2. Service Warranties

Warranties cover some service and repairs. That’s quick savings you don’t want to miss out on. Plus, the parts at a dealership often have warranties on them, meaning that if the repair doesn’t hold, it can often be fixed free of charge. Added bonus of going to a dealership: the brand can support those warranties nationwide. Meaning that if your car decides to break down while you’re on a trip, you can take it to the nearest dealership and the repairs could be covered.

3. Trained Technicians

While the corner repair shop may have great mechanics, the technicians at dealerships go through manufacturer training to become specialists on that brand. Plus, dealerships have ongoing training programs to keep technicians updated on the most recent repair advancements.

4. OEM Parts & Software

Dealerships get OEM parts; parts directly from the manufacturer. That way you can put your mind at rest knowing the parts used in your car were built for your car. Those are the kinds of parts that come with warranties on them, also.

Software to diagnose your car’s problem is also important. The software to read your car’s computer is expensive and changes from brand to brand. The dealership always has the newest software needed to figure out what’s going on with your car.


5. Baxter Convenience

Baxter has more than 20 locations all over Omaha, and Lincoln, as well as locations in Kansas City and Colorado Springs. All of our dealerships are able to service any brand of car.

There are 16 different brands in the Baxter family, so no matter where you are or which brand you drive, you can take your car to the dealership that’s most convenient for you. Though, as we previously mentioned, technicians become specialists for the brand they work on most.

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