Spring break trips can be hard to plan. Whether you’re taking the kids for a getaway or you’re in college looking to escape campus for a week. Hotels are books up early. Vacations are expensive. And coordinating schedules can be a pain. So, why not plan a staycation?

Hit some of the coolest landmarks within easy driving distance. Or, hit one or two each day of your break and still enjoy sleeping in your own bed each night.


If you’re in the Omaha or Lincoln areas, pack everyone in the car and head to Chimney Rock. Or take a tour of the State Capital to see some of what makes Nebraska a unique state to live in. There are many items on the list, just check out the map we made of great places to visit all across the state. Check out Carhenge or the Golden Spike Tower or even find the Largest Ball of Stamps in Boys Town.

Nebraska Staycation


If you’re in Kansas City, a day at Worlds of Fun is always a blast. Taking a drive over to Hutchinson to visit the Cosmosphere could be a fun afternoon getaway. Kansas is also home to many zoos, Dorothy’s House & the Land of Oz as well as the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

Check out the top sites to see around the state.



Colorado gives you so many park and hiking options along with all the museums and national landmarks. If you get a nice, spring day all you need to do is pack a picnic and head outdoors. Find a trail or place to hike and enjoy the time off school.

Colorado Staycation

There are so many places to spend a few hours and still enjoy a staycation. Get to know the area around your city a little more. Learn what makes your state different.

My favorite thing to do is visit zoos. No matter where I am, I try to hit the zoo while I’m there. So, for a spring break staycation, since Baxter’s headquarters is in Omaha – I’d head to the Henry Doorly Zoo first. A few days later I’d head down to Lincoln and check out the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in the morning. Since it’s a much smaller one, it’s easier to make it through everything in a few hours. On the way back to Omaha, I’d stop at the Wildlife Safari Park and drive around to see the animals there.

If I had a long break, or some extra time, I’d even head down to Kansas City for a day. The Kansas City Zoo is huge and takes a long time to walk around. So, if I could find a hotel, I’d probably stay for at least a night, do a little shopping the next morning and head back to Omaha.

My favorite part of visiting the zoo over spring break is hitting a great weather day. If you catch it just right you can get a cool day that’s perfect for walking around without getting overheated. Plus, the weather is usually nice enough for all the animals to be out.

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