There’s always a lot to do during the summer, plenty of outdoor events and great dates going on, but it can add up quickly. We came up with a few super cute summer date ideas, or family outing ideas, that will save your wallet.

1. Stargazing from the bed of a pickup

Want to go stargazing, but don’t feel like camping out for the whole night? Grab a few blankets, some pillows and maybe pack a small picnic. Drive your truck out away from the city lights and fill the bed up with the pillows and blankets. Climb on in and curl up to watch the sun go down and the starts come out – then head home whenever you feel like it.

Summer Date

Wildlife Safari

When you need to get out and do something, but it’s just too hot and humid to be outside – a drive-through safari is a great option. It’ll keep the kids occupied and you can bring snacks and drinks along without having to plan ahead too much. If you’re on a summer date, it makes for a great, low key date – you can talk in an area where it isn’t too loud to hear the other person.

Car Camping

Being outdoors during the summer is wonderful, until the sun starts to go down – and the bugs make their way out. That’s always my least favorite part of camping – because no matter how careful I am, a mosquito always ends up in my tent. Sleeping in the car doesn’t always fix this problem, but I tend to have a lot more luck and fewer bug bites when I do. They even make nifty blow up mattresses for the back seats.

Summer Date
Summer Date

Penny Game

This a great game to get you and your summer date or your family out of the house when you don’t have a specific destination planned. All you need for this game is a penny. Pick a number and keep that number in mind. Then, start driving, as you come to intersections flip the coin; if it lands on heads take a right, tails take a left. Keep flipping the coin at each intersection until you’ve reached the number you picked out earlier. When you get there, stop and explore the area.

Photography Trip

Give everyone a disposable camera and drive around your city, neighborhood or the countryside. Have everyone take pictures of what they think is cool or would make a great picture. At the end of the drive, have the photos developed at a Walgreens and see what everyone took pictures of. It’s a great summer date or family adventure plan – with air conditioning.

Summer Date
Summer Date

National and State Parks

Visit the nearest state or national park – drive through, walk around and enjoy nature for a bit. This year even marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and National Park Foundation. They’ve got a bunch of incentives and events going on to celebrate the Centennial and their 407 national parks. Hop in your Subaru and Find Your Park today.

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