Football season is here!

College football games have officially started and the first Husker kickoff is only a few days away. Naturally, you are gearing up for all of your game day festivities – from food, drinks and games, to day-long tailgate parties at the stadium. Everyone loves a great tailgate, but the planning can definitely cause some stress. Try a few of these tailgating tips and tricks to help you plan for the football frenzy ahead:


Create your ultimate game day checklist and have it laminated. That way, even the messiest, sauciest conditions can be wiped off and it will be ready to use for next week’s game.

tailgating tips


Pack a toolbox with all your tailgating essentials like spatulas, plastic bags, paper towels and even condiments. Throw it in the back of your car or truck and you will be ready for whatever the day throws your way.

tailgating tips


Because cleaning up after a tailgate is the worst, try to pick up as you go. For an instant trashcan, try using a pop up hamper. It’s the perfect way to save space and at the end of the day, just collapse it and throw it on top of your gear.

tailgating tips


This tailgating tip is because staying clean during a tailgate is always a little difficult. Use an empty detergent container or cooler as the perfect hand washing station. Attach soap and paper towels with bungee cords and you’re ready to clean up.


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Coolers are a tailgate’s best friend. Fill them with ice for all your drinks and perishable foods or line them with foil and hot bricks for an instant warming station. Don’t forget to label each cooler so your guests can easily find what they are looking for.


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This is one of our easiest tailgating tips. Instead of ice, try using frozen water bottles at the bottom of the cooler to keep everything cold. Once the ice melt you’ll have extra water bottles to drink.

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Game days can be crazy with seas of fans. Buy a large balloon and tie it to your car or tent so your friends and family can easily find your tailgate spot in the crowd. Try to make sure you grab a different balloon than other tailgate spots who might have heard the same tailgating tips.

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Great music is a must for any successful tailgate. Create the perfect playlist and throw in all your favorite feel-good, pump-up songs to really set the mood. Don’t forget to grab some speakers or have a good way to play that music loud enough for everyone to hear it.


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Be prepared for any condition. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, bug spray, an umbrella, and first aid kit.

tailgating tips

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