Confession: I drove a truck (2016 Ford F-150) around for a weekend and I loved it.
I found myself coming up with excuses to drive around more than I usually do.

Full disclosure; I am a tiny human, standing at an impressive 4’10”. Yep, I am roughly the size of a twelve-year-old. I normally drive a Mazda3, I’m used to little, zippy vehicles. So, when Baxter Ford gave me the opportunity to drive around in a 2016 Ford F-150, I jumped at the opportunity to feel tall!

I was super nervous that the seat wouldn’t actually move forward and up enough for me to see everything. But, I was pleasantly surprised when the seat was able to move past where I needed it – the truck is short person friendly. It took me a little bit of driving around to get used to how big the truck is compared to my little Mazda – but once I was used to it, I kind of fell in love. Being up above the traffic was really nice.

The 2016 Ford F-150 includes quite a few features: Ford breaks them down really nicely. I also spent a long time playing with them. The touch screen, the buttons on the steering wheel, the backup camera and then some are all easy to use and understand.

I picked up the truck on Friday and drove around for the whole weekend. Every time I ran an errand, I felt myself not wanting to go back home. I kept driving past my place, just to keep driving the truck around. I may have gotten some strange looks from other drivers on the road, but I truly enjoyed driving such a big vehicle around. The F-150 made for a really comfortable ride and the Ecoboost engine was robust and powerful – some of that power might have gone to my head as I drove around town.

2016 Ford F-150

F-150 Features

  1. Storage

The 2016 Ford F-150 itself gave a smooth ride around the city, with more than enough room for friends or kids in the back seat. The center console was big enough to hold my rather large purse, which ended up being something I missed the most after I gave the truck back. Not having to throw my purse in the backseat or on my passenger’s feet was really nice.

There’s plenty of little areas to put things. Just in the front seat alone there is a sunglasses holder on the ceiling, a spot for items above the dash, two large cupholders, and a hidden spot with two usb ports and a 12v plug. Plus, the huge center console and glove compartment.

2016 Ford F-150
2016 Ford F-150

2. Tech Features

The touchscreen in the 2016 Ford F-150 is large, intuitive and fun to use. Texting through SYNC was a really nice feature, but the coolest part was that the vehicle won’t let you reply to a text when you’re in motion. It’s a great safety feature.

Setting up new phones, myKey or any other tech features was really easy with the touch screen. I walked through a few of them just to see what the process was – and SYNC walks you through every step, so there’s no confusion.

3. Productivity Screen

The 8-inch LCD Productivity Screen located on the instrument cluster was fun and full of helpful information. It offers a range of stats that you can use to create a customized home screen using the menu options: My View, Trip/Fuel, Truck Info, Towing, Off-Road and Settings.

2016 Ford F-150

4. Safety Features

The backup camera was super helpful for me. I don’t think I could have parked within the lines without it. Having my surroundings displayed right on the touch-screen made what I thought was going to be a difficult process, very easy. The talent to perfectly park a large truck appears to be one I do not posses.

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