Finding something to do with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day isn’t always the easiest. Going to dinner and a movie is always a solid choice, but what if you want to do something a little outside the box? We compiled a quick list of 10 slightly different Valentine’s Day date ideas around Omaha.

Drive-In Theater or Filmstreams

Valentine's Day Date
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Pile in your car and head over to a drive-in theater. Or watch an old movie you wouldn’t be able to catch at most theaters at the Filmstreams theater.

Zoo or Wildlife Safari Park

Valentine's Day Date
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If it’s warm enough, walk around the zoo for the day. There’s even an evening event going on with dinner and champagne called Love at the Zoo on February 10 and 11.

Or keep Valentine’s day low key with a drive around the Wildlife Safari Park. Pack up the SUV and enjoy a chance to look at some wolves, eagles, black bears, cranes and bison.

Carriage Ride Downtown

Feel like Cinderella for an evening and cuddle up in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. Rides can cost anywhere from $25 to $100 depending on what route you take around downtown. But no matter where you go, it makes for a pretty magical Valentine’s day date.

Food Tour

Throw the usual Valentine’s day dinner date out the window. Plan a tour of the city’s best ice cream parlors, or hit up all the top sushi spots in Omaha. Go all out and plan a ’round-the-world trip. Snag a few bites from all the top regions, or your favorite types of food, and eat your way around the world.

State Parks

Nebraska State Parks

In the past few years, Nebraska’s state parks have been doing special rates and themes for Valentine’s day. Last year, Ponca State Park hosted a Birds and Breakfast weekend. Plus, Mahoney State Park and Platte River State park offered dining and lodging specials.

Eat Out

Getting a reservation on Valentine’s day is never easy. Take the pressure off and make it a picnic. Order food to-go or make it at home and pack it up. But, since it’s February in Nebraska, eating outside might be a little chilly. Drive to one of your favorite spots and lay the seats down flat in the back of your SUV or minivan. Put a blanket down and have your picnic in a climate controlled area where you can watch the sun set.


Omaha has some great museums. Immerse yourself in the art of the Joslyn or get off the beaten path and check out Hot Shops for some more art. The Durham is also always a fun bet. It’s always decorated for the holiday and offers plenty of exhibits to keep anyone entertained.

Head out to the SAC Museum where there’s even a Swing Under the Wings event on February 11. Deck out in 1940’s SO outfits and enjoy dinner and swing dancing among the planes at the museum.


Quite a few wine and painting shops have popped up around the metro-area. Around Valentine’s day, many of these stores offer paintings that go together. Paintings where you and your sweetheart each paint part of the picture and when you combine the pieces they make a complete image.

Tour Local Breweries or Wineries

Omaha has quite a few local brewery and winery options. Most offer tours and tastings. Pick one, or plan on hitting a few on Valentine’s day, and enjoy some of our state’s local beer, wine and spirits.

Be a Tourist for a Day

Hit up some of Omaha’s iconic spots and act like a tourist in your own city. Take pictures of you and your sweetheart at each of these places and make an album of your adventure.

If you’re in Omaha, try hitting up spots like the Henry Doorly Zoo and get pictures with the lion statue or gorilla statues. Head to the Lauritzen Gardens and get pictures with all of the beautiful flowers. Next, stop by the Bob Kerry Bridge and take a picture where you’re standing in both Nebraska and Iowa. Continue your tour and drive over to the TD Ameritrade park and take photos with the Road to Omaha statue. It may not be College Wold Series time, but you can always celebrate. Take a trip down memory lane and hit the slides in the Gene Leahy Mall. There are plenty of other great photo spots in Omaha, but there’s a short list to get your started.

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