We watch a lot of car commercials throughout the year. The SuperBowl commercials are usually the ones that get the most attention, however there were tons more made throughout the year. We pulled together our top 13 car commercials from 2016. Some made us laugh, a couple made us tear up and some are simply gorgeous. Take a look and let us know what your favorite car commercial was.

Plus, just for a little extra fun, we threw in a bonus video at the end.

1. Infiniti’s Q60 Commercial with Kit Harington

This one made the top of our commercials list because of its awe-inspiring simplicity. One of the world’s most talked about actors, Emmy-nominated Kit Harington, reading a poem. There’s no hard sell voiceover; there’s nothing that really screams car commercial. And that’s the best part. The beauty of the car is able to speak for itself in this ad.

Harington told InfinitiNews, “What inspires me personally in my life, is a beautiful piece of writing – something which is specific, delicate and beautiful,” when asked about William Blake’s poem, Tyger.

2. Dodge’s Warning Commercial

Need a good laugh? Just listen to this commercial. It’s got some great warning details in it. But, again, this isn’t an in-your-face kind of car commercial. You actually don’t even lay eyes on a vehicle until the very end. Throughout the commercial, all you see is the headlights of a car and the warning lit up by them. It’s simple and amusing.

3. Mercedes-Benz’s Parting Commercial

You don’t really need to say much when a Mercedes-Benz shows up. This commercial pulls in old and new in a clean, very Mercedes-Benz looking ad. With Jon Hamm’s voice narrating, we really enjoyed watching how much Mercedes-Benz has both evolved and stayed true to its original design.

4. Jeep’s Super Bowl Commercial – Portraits

We loved this commercial because of how powerful the message it delivers is. Simply by interspersing images of Jeeps throughout the years with people’s portraits it tells a story. This is one of those commercials that says its message without needing to say a word. Jeep’s are built for any and every life, look at the ones they’ve touched as the SUV has changed and grown.

5. Audi’s R8 Commercial – Commander

Another Super Bowl commercial for this list. Audi created an air of nostalgia and patriotism with this one. The Commander isn’t living his life to the fullest, he’s old now that he’s gone to the moon and seen it all. That is, until he gets behind the wheel of the Audi R8. In such a short period of time Audi manages to tell a heartwarming story.

6. Toyota’s Red Light Commercial

This is just a cute commercial. Winter-time, Christmas lights and Family. It’s a golden combination and this is one of those commercials that makes you remember why. Toyota does a great job of showing off what this time of year is all about, but subtly including how much easier that is with the lights in the back of your Toyota Tundra.

7. Mercedes-Benz’s Snow Date Commercial

Dad driving son to his first date. That’s all this commercial needed to tug at your heartstrings. When his date almost doesn’t show up because of the snow, the tears may start stinging your eyes. This is just an adorable commercial with all of the components of nostalgia, parenthood and cuteness.

8. Subaru’s I’m Sorry Commercial

The whole series of commercials Subaru produced were tear jerkers. They grab your attention and tell multiple stories around one word. The one we preferred is based around “I’m sorry” while this commercial is all around the phrase “You can’t take that.” They’re definitely targeted at parents, but I think they do a good job of carrying a universal message.

9. Honda’s Ridgeline Commercial Series

We kind of fell in love with this whole series of commercials. They do a great job of showing everything the Ridgeline can do and haul while keeping it lighthearted and fun. The series shows off a truck in a completely different way than most truck commercials – and that’s what helps it stand out.

10. Chrysler Pacifica’s Dad Brand with Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan. Need we say more? This was our favorite commercial out of the series, but if you take a look at the rest, they’re all pretty great. Gaffigan takes the Dad Brand and has some pretty great jokes to propel it along.

11. Ram Truck’s Commercial with Fifth Harmony

Ram trucks and Work go together like peanut butter and jelly. Putting Fifth Harmony’s upbeat, fairly girly song with the burly men working on a house makes for a great commercial. Prepare to laugh at how great the guys’ dance moves are.

12. Ford’s Overdubs Commercials

This commercial is on YouTube, but Ford is working on grabbing millennial’s attention with some nostalgic shows. From DragonBall-Z to Captain Planet to Soap Operas, Ford is pulling from some tv show and video game favorites. Check out some of the videos on their playlist. Our favorites are the Sailor Moon and Captain Planet ones.

13. Honda’s Rescue Dog Commercial

This is another different take on a truck commercial. Honda is definitely trying to get people to look at the Ridgeline as a different kind of truck. Plus, this commercial hit those of us with rescued animals right in the feels. It’s cute and worth watching.

Bonus Commercial

This commercial is a couple years old, but it’s still just as amusing. The nostalgia of Mario Kart combined with a sleek Mercedes-Benz left a lasting impression with us. This commercial makes its rounds through our office every couple months.

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