To celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, we’ve compiled our top 5 scenic places to drive near Omaha that we guarantee will help break your cabin fever. With busy schedules and the overall stresses of life, we often forget to take time to recharge and spend time outdoors. See which outdoor locations and landmarks near Omaha have made our favorites list!

Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park & Wildlife Safari | Ashland, NE

The Lee G. Simmons Wildlife Safari park is a fun and affordable destination for the whole family, topping our list for top 5 scenic places to drive near Omaha.

Grab the family and experience wildlife habitat like never before. Now open for the 2016 season, this four mile, drive-though wildlife park will have you and your kids face-to-face with eye-popping wildlife animals such as elk, eagles, white-tailed deer, bears, bison, wolves, waterfowl, and more!

Spend the day driving, hiking and exploring the park’s various wildlands. Journey by foot through trails that all levels of hikers can enjoy, such as Wolf Woods trail and Frog Lake trail. Also, exhibit seminars are offered throughout the open season and are free with admission.

Daily admission costs are $7 and under for adults; $5 and under for children.

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Soaring Wings Vineyard & Brewery Springfield, NE

This family owned and operated Vineyard & Brewery has been a part of the Springfield community since 2004, when they first opened their doors to the public. During the warmer months, Soaring Wings features free, live outdoor entertainment on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Kids, pets, food and snacks are welcome on the hill of Soaring Wings as you sip your favorite glass of wine, or favorite brew, and admire the vineyard that surrounds you.

Soaring Wings is an enjoyable, outdoor destination for the whole family. Grab your kids, gather your pets, and pack the car with your favorite picnic items. Then, hit the road for a fun, outdoor afternoon or evening at Soaring Wings Vineyard and Brewery, a unanimous favorite for our top 5 scenic places to drive near Omaha.

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Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge                     Omaha, NE

This breathtaking footbridge stretches 3,000 feet across the Missouri River, connecting Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha, NE. You’ll find runners, walkers, bikers and outdoor admirers crossing this bridge daily, from sunrise to sunset.  The bridge joins two pedestrian trails, the Iowa Riverfront Trail (7 mile trail, Council Bluffs side) and the Omaha Riverfront Trail (15 mile trail, Omaha side), which allows for endless activity and plenty of space for all.

Lewis and Clark Landing is located on the west side of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge and is a 23-acre area for people to relax and admire the Missouri River. And, on hot summer days, you’ll spot kids and pets cooling off in the area’s jumping fountains.

Finally, Lewis and Clark Landing and the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge are home to many outdoor concerts and festivals, which seizes our vote for top 5 scenic places to drive near Omaha!

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Loess Hills Scenic Byway                           Western Iowa

The Loess Hills of western Iowa extend nearly 200 miles adjacent to the Missouri River. The wild prairie lands and forest-covered bluffs cover 640,000 acres of land, making the bluffs home to numerous plants and wildlife.

Escape from the chaos of everyday life and take a road trip along the Loess Hills scenic byway.  Along the byway, you’ll find numerous biking and hiking trails, flavorful places to eat, breathtaking views, and countless areas to explore, which is why the byway makes our list of top 5 scenic places to drive near Omaha.

What makes Iowa’s Loess Hill landscape one of a kind? There is only one other location in the world with loess layers as extensive as the hills in Iowa, and you’ll have to travel to Shaanxi, China to experience them.

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Holy Family Shine                                                  Gretna, NE

Seated on rolling hills just west of Omaha, NE, this forty-nine foot, awe-inspiring chapel can be spotted along Interstate-80, near the Gretna, NE exit.

The stunning stone entry is the base of the chapel’s arching wood and glass frame. And, as visitors enter into the chapel, so do two streams of water that flow gently along the sides of the pews. The chapel’s glass exterior allows visitors to admire the Platte valley prairie during time of worship.

The Holy Family Shrine is a non-profit, Catholic chapel that receives over 20,000 visitors a year from all over the world. The Holy Family Shrine makes our list of top 5 scenic places to drive near Omaha with its astounding architecture and breathtaking grounds. The chapel is a place of serenity and beauty that people of all faiths can enjoy.

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