Shared ride services like Uber and Lyft have taken over in recent years. They seem to be taking over the Taxi business in many cities. If you’re looking into becoming a shared ride driver, many of the companies around have strict background checks and rules for their drivers. Included in those rules are what kinds of cars can be in their fleet. Uber, for example, often doesn’t approve older vehicles or vehicles with damage. But, there are extra incentives available to help make shared ride driving a little easier. We’re diving in to the Uber discounts available to many drivers.

Uber offers vehicle discounts which are a great way to get a little bit lower offer on a new vehicle. Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen all take part in the Uber Vehicle Discounts program. Some offer discounts for all of their vehicles while other only offer certain models and certain years. The discounts range from $500 off to $6,500 off. Plus, some of the vehicles you can enjoy discounts on are even eligible for Uber XL in certain cities.

Uber Discounts
image courtesy of Uber

Uber Discounts

Uber discounts for some brands specify what years, models and trim levels are eligible for the discounts. Toyota offers discounts on all model years for some models, while Volkswagen offers discounts for all vehicle and all model years.

The best part of these Uber discounts is that they’re applied to the lowest negotiated prices. As long as Uber approves you to drive for them, you should be able to fill out the paperwork and qualify for these discounts as well.

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