You think you want a moonroof. But what’s a sunroof? Or that panoramic sunroof you’re neighbor’s been raving about?

The perfect car always comes with a laundry list of extra features. This makes it easy to get confused about the difference between them.

We’re here to help you tell the difference (and impress your friends….and salespeople….at the same time).

Sunroof. A generic term for any panel on the top of a car that can be removed.

Moonroof. A glass panel on the top of your car.

Panoramic sunroof. A larger sunroof, usually covering most of the top of the vehicle.

So a moonroof is always a sunroof, but a sunroof isn’t necessarily a moonroof.

But now, do you want a folding sunroof? Pop-up sunroof? Top-mounted sunroof? The possibilities are endless. But just remember that whatever option you choose, your dog will love it the same. Just look at smile in the video above. 

moonroof dog

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